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News Flash 5/24/12:  IWD has just posted an interview with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton!

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My college girlfriend, Cheryl Acton Harbour, has founded Intelligent Women Dialogue, a web ‘arena’ in which women can, with objectivity, read about and comment on topics in today’s headlines.  Cheryl provides a space for fact-based discourse as a refreshing contrast to the shrill, misleading talking points that pass for news currently.  IWD is smart and thought provoking. Check it out!

Cheryl graciously invited me to write about my love of hiking in her “Been There/Done That” space. I hope you’ll ‘travel’ around the Intelligent Women Dialogue site, not just to read my article, but to check out the other sections as well.
For example, the current dialogue is U.S. Politics and Women. I have an inside tip that Hillary Clinton will be interviewed very soon on the site.

Hilary Rodham Clinton in high school

(Cheryl and Hillary went to high school together in Illinois).

And, there’s a new topic posted from last week: “Can’t They Just Behave?” I’ll bet you can guess what that’s about… At any rate, there’s plenty to grab your interest, even for men! My thanks to Cheryl for asking me to write and for the opportunity to cross-refer to one another’s websites. That address again is

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